Bangalore 🚘 Kathmandu

Nisha, Sajjad, and Tejas are on a road trip to Kathmandu - covering 5,570 kilometers over 19 days. We're making many stops along the way, and you're welcome to join us in any of the segments. Please reach out! We'll be in Kathmandu for a week helping organise the OpenStreetMap conference - State of the Map Asia.

We'll be documenting our trip through street photos on Mapillary, and you'll be able to see pictures we post on Instagram below. Follow us to see our progress. If you have recommendations on what we should do during our stops, we'd love to hear!

Pune, September 9
Aurangabad, September 10
Indore, September 11
Khajuraho, September 12
Lucknow, September 14
Lumbini, September 17
Pokhara, September 18
Kathmandu, September 20
Lumbini, September 25
Varanasi, September 26
Jabalpur, September 29
Nagpur, September 30
Hyderabad, October 1
Bangalore, October 2
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